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Age Policy
The Lincoln Theatre is All Ages unless otherwise posted. All patrons under the age of 21 will be charged a $2 surcharge at the door. 
State issued ID.

Seating All shows are General Admission unless noted. For General Admission shows limited seating available on a first come first serve basis both down and upstairs. If a show has VIP table option, each table seats 4 people.

How can I purchase tickets for the Lincoln Theatre?
Advance tickets can be purchased through Tickets can also be purchased in person day of the show after doors open (cash, VISA, Master Card)

What is your refund policy?
There are no refunds or exchanges unless a show is cancelled, in which case refunds will be made at point of purchase.

If a show is sold out, can I still get in?
Sold Out=Sold Out aka no more tickets available. You can certainly avoid this at most shows, by buying advance tickets (usually you will save a little $ that way too!)

What type of payment does Lincoln Theatre accept?
The box office accepts CASH, VISA, Master Card. Bands always accept ca$h for merchandise (as well as credit cards sometimes). An ATM is located inside the club next to the vending machine.

My child wants to attend an all-ages show at the Lincoln Theatre, but I feel nervous.
As most of us here at the Lincoln Theatre are parents, we understand your concern. We would suggest that if possible you experience a show with your kid(s) at the Lincoln Theatre at least once. After taking in the concert experience with your kid once, we think you will probably want to do it again, or at least feel comfortable enough to let them experience a show on their own at the Lincoln Theatre.

Do I need ID to enter the venue?
An ID is only required if you plan on drinking alcohol. If you do not have a valid, non-expired, government issued photo ID stating you are 21 years of age or older, no matter how old you think you may look, how bald you are, how grey your beard is, how many wrinkles you have, you will not consume alcohol at the Lincoln Theatre. This policy is strictly enforced, any violation will result in immediate ejection from the venue.

What time does the band go on?
Door and show times are available on the website. The first band of the evening will go on stage at the posted show time (that can be found on our website), or very shortly thereafter. Every show is different, so it is hard to say what time the rest of the bill will take the stage. We make every effort to make the evening flow with as little downtime as possible, but there are several moving parts.

Where should I park?
There is a parking deck across the street from the Lincoln Theatre that is open to the public 7pm until 6am (this may not be the case during special city events). There is also parking on the street as long as you do not park in a “no parking zone”. There is also a “Honor Pay” parking lot on the corner of Cabarrus St and Wilmington St. (make sure you pay or you will get your vehicle booted and charged $50 for removal).

What time should I get there if I want to sit?
Unless you have a seated ticket (which is only available on a few select shows) there is limited seating at the Lincoln Theatre, so if you want a seat we suggest you arrive right at posted door time. Keep in mind that no matter how early you line up there may already be people ahead of you in line, and you are not guaranteed any particular spots inside.

Can I bring my own chair?
Unfortunately, we do not allow anyone to bring in their own seating due to fire regulations.

Does the Lincoln Theatre offer food?
The Lincoln Theatre has a snack machine with chips and candy. There are some great local restaurants within walking distance of us, and the occasional food truck out front.

Do you have a dress code?
We require something over your junk and shoes. The rest is up to you.

Do you have a coat check?
We do not have a coat check.

Can I smoke in the club?
No. NC has an indoor smoking ban.

What are your policies regarding photo/video/audio?
Recording policies are always entirely up to the band and vary night to night. Usually point and shoot cameras are OK, but don’t hold us to that.

Can you suggest a hotel?
Please see “Lodging”

Does the Lincoln Theatre have an e-mail list? How can I be included?
Yes. If you wish to be included please see our homepage to enter your info.

When do you announce new shows?
It can happen any day at any time. This is entirely up to the band.

Is the Lincoln Theatre hiring?
We’re always accepting applications.

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